We start our with fresh bread, bagels, morning buns, danishes, scones, cinnamon buns, (croissants and pain au chocolate on the weekend!) and we think you should too. Don't wait to satisfy your sweet tooth with cookies, cakes, bars and squares - dessert should be enjoyed at all times of day (gluten friendly options available). Take a look at our BAKED GOODS or place a special order to get exactly what you're looking for! We also make wedding cakes, sweet tables and custom favours. Please send an email to kristen@chewcatering.ca to book your consultation. 

We have always wanted a place to make the dishes that we cook at home, for our friends and family. We love our restaurant, but sometimes comfort food is what we really want to eat, so we've filled our fridge and freezer with some of our favorite soups, salads, appetizers and main courses, in easy sizes and packages to heat and serve (by the way, friends love when your idea of comfort food is Truffle Mac N Cheese). Take a look at our EASY MEALS, or call and have us put together some items for you. 

We've also taken this opportunity to stock our shelves with some of the best Manitoba has to offer. Bee Project Honey, Smak Dab Mustard, Crampton's, Flora & Farmer, Manitoba Maid and Nature's Farm Pasta are all available. Additionally, we've added some specialty items that are hard to find elsewhere (okay, if we are being honest, we needed an excuse to have a direct line to the truffle oil!). If you're looking for a gift idea (or to treat yourself), we have beautiful handmade pottery by Mud + Stone and fantastic candle's by Farmer's Son.

Note: All baked goods are extra delicious with hot beverages - don't worry we've got your espresso/tea/hot chocolate needs covered


For custom orders, specialty items and home/office delivery, email info@chewcatering.ca

Interested in wholesale orders? Please get in touch!