From the pastry case

Croissants 3

All butter and rolled by hand

Pain Au Chocolate 3

Often simply referred to as a chocolate croissant, we double stuff our traditional version with dark chocolate

Specialty Croissant 3

Almond or S’more, need we say more?

Morning Bun 2.5

Orange kissed and rolled in cinnamon sugar

Scone 2.5

Sweet and savory selections

Cinnamon Buns 3

Vegan. But shhhh, don’t tell.

Bagels 1

Montreal? New York? We have no idea but they are dense and chewy, boiled and baked fresh daily.

Danishes, Muffins and more!

S W E E t S

Cookies 1

Fresh baked chocolate chip, bittersweet oreos, classic imperials and other daily bakes

Bars 2.5

Fresh choices, baked daily


Rotating selections including sourdough, focaccia, baguettes and more.