Grab a quick snack or stay a while…

Grab a quick snack or stay a while…

– Pastries & More –

[ Fresh baked Everyday ]


Croissants 3

All butter and rolled by hand

Pain Au Chocolate 3

Often simply referred to as a chocolate croissant, we double stuff our traditional version with dark chocolate

Specialty Croissant 3

Almond or S’more, need we say more?

Morning Bun 2.5

Orange kissed and rolled in cinnamon sugar

Scone 2.5

Sweet and savory selections

Cinnamon Buns 3

Vegan. But shhhh, don’t tell.

Bagels 1

Montreal? New York? We have no idea but they are dense and chewy, boiled and baked fresh daily.

Danishes, Muffins and more!

S W E E t S

Cookies 1

Fresh baked chocolate chip, bittersweet oreos, classic imperials and other daily bakes

Bars 2.5

Fresh choices, baked daily


Rotating selections including sourdough, focaccia, baguettes and more.

Located in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, Lark is the newest addition to the Chew family

Open Monday to Friday, we are focused on making delicious baked goods, quality coffee and satisfying lunches.

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– Lunch & Such –


S a n d w i c h e s

Egg 6

Served on a bun with cheddar, greens, tomato and a sunny egg

Brie 7.5

Served on a croissant with arugula, pickled apples and stinging nettle pesto

Chicken Salad 8.5

Curry with cranberries, cilantro and pickled onions on a croissant

G.L.T. 8.5

Guanciale, lettuce and tomatoes with herb aioli on fresh bread

Roasted Zucchini 9

Red lentil hummus, kale, roasted poblanos and za’atar on fresh bread

S A L a d s

Arugula 8

Poached peaches, whipped feta, fennel, radish and tarragon vinaigrette

Tomato 11

Savory granola, cashew cream, cold pressed canola, chunky salt and basil

Smoked Mackerel 15

Red lentils, pickled carrot, scallions, cilantro, sesame, ginger and wasabi aioli

Cobb 16

Chicken, tomatoes, avocado, greens, benedictine blue and truffle ranch dressing

Nicoise 17

Seared albacore, baby potatoes, olives, egg, edamame, herbs and anchovy dressing


Green Shakshuka 12

Two eggs, peppers, onions, kale, lime crema, sweet potato puree and toast

Gnocchi 16

Fresh favas, butter, herbs and pecorino

Burrata 16

Marinated fennel, herbs, confit tomatoes and fresh bread

Quiche 12

Daily selection served with arugula salad


91 Albert Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Monday to Friday

8am - 5pm

Questions? Get in touch!