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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Catering Provider in Winnipeg

Hiring a catering service in Winnipeg can save you time and reduce stress. You have enough on your plate with your special event. Trying to make the food for everyone can be overwhelming. When you hire a catering service, they can take care of it all for you. They will provide the menu you select. The food can be served at a set time and location you choose. Another option is the food is delivered and then served buffet style by your guests.

There are so many choices when it comes to catering companies in Winnipeg, but don’t get overwhelmed. Here are some great tips to help you evaluate options, stay within your budget, and select food everyone will love! Catering is offered for small groups and for hundreds of people. It can be ideal for a celebration, work event, or the holidays!

Plan Early

Most catering services have a busy schedule. If you don’t plan ahead, they may be booked for your selected date. Plan early, start looking around, and see who is available with your desired menu. Investing a bit of time early on helps ensure you get your needs met. As soon as you know you have an event and the date, work on your plan. It will be nice to have the catering secured and you can check it off your list.

Set your Budget

How much can you afford to spend on catering? That information is important, and often influences the type of food you serve for an occasion. How many people will you have at the event? Many caterers’ charge a per person/per plate fee so that information can help you identify possibilities within your budget.

You don’t have to serve the most expensive food for your guests to be happy. Don’t spend more than you can reasonably afford. The financial stress isn’t worth it! Don’t worry, as you evaluate providers in Winnipeg, it will all fall into place.

Decide on the Type of Meal

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the type of meal. A sit-down meal can have several courses. This includes salad, the entrée and sides, and dessert. This is the most expensive type of catering because the meal often includes beef or chicken. However, you can choose other choices too that are less formal. Some of the favourites include:

  • Chinese food served buffet style
  • Mexican food served buffet style
  • Sandwiches with sides

Evaluate Providers

Spend some time evaluating providers that offer the type of food you are interested in. Look at pictures on their website. How does the food look? What appeals to you from their displays? Do they share any additional information you can use to help you make a final decision? Look for reviews from other customers. Do they have excellent reviews for the quality of their food and catering services?

Avoid any provider that has lots of negative reviews. You don’t want the catering you pay for turning into a mess! You need a business that is reliable, flexible to meet your needs, and affordable. As you explore the options and evaluate providers, you can narrow it down to who you will contact.

Catering services may be offered from restaurants you frequent. They would be honoured to cater your event. Plus, you already know their food is amazing. It can be worth checking to see if those high on your list of personal favourites offer catering services.

Contact Providers

Some providers have a form on their website you can fill out and they will get back to you. Others have a phone number you can call to discuss your needs. Talk to them about the framework of what you are looking for. Are they available the date of your event? Can they handle the number of people you need food for? If the answers to these questions are yes, ask if you can come in to get samples of the food they serve. Knowing it tastes great is reassuring!


Take notes on the information they give you. It will be useful when you make your final decision. Communication is important, and they should be easy to talk to. They should be friendly, informative, and help you get your specific needs met. If you can’t get your questions answered or your calls returned, that is a red flag the provider may fail to offer exceptional services.

Secure your Catering Service Provider

Once you decide on the catering service, contact them, and let them know you would like to hire them! They can get your pertinent details and other information. They may schedule a time for you to come in and go over all the details with them. A written contract is advised that includes the following:

  • Date and time of the event
  • Deposit amount and if it is refundable
  • Menu served and the volume of food or the number of plates they will serve
  • Total cost

With wonderful catering services in Winnipeg, your next event or special occasion will be one to remember! You can focus on having fun and enjoying the food with your guests instead of trying to prepare and serve it all on your own.