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It is Possible to have an Event Catered with Amazing Food without Breaking the Bank

The thought of having an event catered in Winnipeg may appeal to you, but then you worry about the cost! It is nice to put the meal into the hands of an expert. You don’t have to worry about preparing it, buying the ingredients, or any of the things that could go wrong. They will work with you to ensure you get amazing food for a price you can afford. It may surprise you to discover many catering services are reasonably priced.

Evaluate Options Early

Once you know the date for your event, look at options early. Read reviews from other clients to confirm the catering service is reliable. Avoid those that have bad reviews for poor service, canceling bookings, or the food wasn’t great. You don’t have to compromise the experience to get a decent price for a catered event.

With plenty of time, you can reach out to potential catering services to see what they offer. Many of them have pricing details they can share with you. The cost depends on what your menu consists of and the number of guests. Typically they charge by the plate so you need a good estimate of how many people will attend. It stands to reason a larger event is going to cost more, but find out the per person cost to help you budget accordingly.

You don’t have to serve expensive food entrees for a catered meal to be delicious either. You can offer a few choices too if you wish to give guests an option between two items. You can also select one item and everyone gets the same meal served to them. If you have particular food items in mind, talk to the caterer for pricing.

Taste the Food

You don’t want to be nervous about the quality of the food for your event. An excellent catering service will give you a tasting. They will let you sample the food before the event so you can finalize your menu. If you don’t like something, don’t be shy about it! Speak up so that alternatives can be discussed. You want all your guests to rave about the food they were served at your event.

Discuss your Specific Event and Budget

Be open and honest with your caterer about your budget. Let them know you wish to hire them but you have to stay within budget. What can they offer that will meet your needs and not cause financial stress? They may have some alternatives for you to consider too so listen to their feedback. For example, changing what you have requested for dessert to something that cost less to make can help reduce the cost. In the end, it will still be a tasty treat for your guests at the end of the meal. If you are willing to compromise, the caterer can get you the best deal possible.

Work out the Final Details

It doesn’t hurt to talk to caterers and see what options you have and how much it will cost. It may surprise you to learn that the money you will save on buying the food and the time to make it is worth their asking price. If you don’t like the menu they can deliver or you feel it is too expensive, you can decline the offer and do something different. The best caterers are booked months in advance. Start looking into this as soon as you know you have an event you would like someone to cater for you. That gives you time to weigh the options and make your final decision.

If you decide to hire a caterer for your Winnipeg event, the final details should be in writing. This includes the date and location of the event, the menu, and the total cost. You may be asked to pay a deposit at the time you book and then the balance will be due the night of the event. Those details may vary based on the caterer you select.