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Chinese Food Catering Winnipeg

Authentic Chinese food is one of the perks you will find around Winnipeg. Both those that live there and visitors to the area love what they find in this category! This isn’t your typical Chinese food though; everything is made from scratch with recipes that have been in these families for generations. They brought their love of the food with them when they immigrated to Winnipeg from China.

The prairies were home to the Chinese around 1855 thanks to the introduction of the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railroad). Since that time, they have become a part of the diversity in this part of Canada. While Vancouver has the most Chinese people living in it, Winnipeg isn’t far behind. There are plenty of jobs and pieces of history they contribute to in this area. Offering amazing Chinese food is just one of the many perks they continue to deliver.

Empresso of China

There is plenty of variety offered with the Chinese food Empresso of China offers with their catering options. It is all buffet style and you can choose up to six entrée options for the pricing. The cost is per person, so it is easy to see how much it will cost without any complicated calculations. This is a great choice when you host any event for 15 people or more in your office or at home.

The amazing taste of all the food Empresso of China offers has made it one of the top providers of Chinese food in Winnipeg. The unique flavours are impressive and hard to match! Relying on them for catering is fast and convenient. Plus, everyone will enjoy the delightful food. Many people appreciate catering when they can pick what they want to eat too, not just get served a plate! Their catering information is online at

Good Earth Restaurant

You and your guests will love the variety of dishes offered by the Chinese food catering company in Winnipeg called the Good Earth Restaurant. They offer a buffet style catering service, and this means your guests can choose what they want on their plate and the amount. Everything is hot, fresh, and tastes amazing.

The prices are per person, and very reasonable. They have several catering buffet menus you can choose from. Some of them have basic entrees and others include several additions. It all depends on what you would like to offer and your budget for the event. Plates, napkins, and cutlery is all included in the price. It is easy to see what is offered and get more information on their catering services at