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Filipino Food Catering Winnipeg

Many Filipino immigrants came to Winnipeg in the 1960s. Many of them were nurses or technicians, encouraged to come to the area to fill a demand for such jobs. Others came to work in the garment factories that were thriving. By the 1970s clerical work and manufacturing jobs were bringing more of them to this region.

Most made permanent homes around Canada, with a significant number of them staying in Winnipeg. They felt like they were part of the community and they were making a great living. They enjoyed thriving in this community and the diversity offered to them. They didn’t have to leave their history behind; they could embrace it and their new location at the same time.

One of the huge benefits with the Filipino immigrants to the area is the amazing food they brought with them. These recipes haven’t died out because they continue to share them with the new generations. There are wonderful Filipino restaurants in the area where locals frequent. They are also hidden gems that tourists enjoy when they are in Winnipeg.

The variety of food, the spices, and the choices all make Filipino food something people enjoy. For those that haven’t tried it before, you are missing out! This is a great opportunity to try something new. Most people will agree it is the start of something they look for when they return to Winnipeg because of how good it was.

Myrnas Café

One of the wonderful perks with Myrna’s Café in Winnipeg is it is a place to sit down and have a meal and a catering service! It is a place many of the locals frequent. They also recommend it to tourists who inquire about great Filipino food in the area. The dishes are authentic, the portions are large, and no one leaves unhappy! They serve breakfast and lunch at the café.

The catering service is remarkable, and the menu can be customized for the occasion. The main entrees include pork, beef, and chicken. Side dishes include rice, noodles, vegetables, and egg rolls. There are vegan and vegetarian options both on the café menu and for catering services. Visit for more details about catering options.