Ukranian Food

Ukrainian Food Catering Winnipeg

The largest population of Ukrainian people in Canada live in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Many immigrants came to this area during the onset of World War II around 1891. Many of them were skilled as farmers and labourers, and they came to this area for safety and a better life. They brought with them traditions and food from their native homeland.

Today, the Ukrainian population is found throughout Winnipeg, offering a wide range of services and businesses. Among them are the food catering businesses, creating authentic recipes, and making food from scratch. They have continued to share those recipes within their families for generations. It is a symbol of pride and a way for them to keep their heritage alive. There are plenty of people around Winnipeg that enjoy Ukrainian food, and they frequent these catering locations for meals or to provide food for an event they host.

There are some amazing Ukrainian food catering services in Winnipeg to choose from. They offer great food for a reasonable price. Hiring them to host your next personal or business event can be a wonderful idea! It is a chance for everyone attending to enjoy conversation, fun, and food! While there are several such catering locations in Winnipeg, the two below have top reviews. They are worth checking out if you are in the area or you are interested in a catering service for amazing Ukrainian food.

Karen’s Home Cooking Ltd

A taste of home is what everyone comments about this food catering service in Winnipeg. The traditional Ukraine dishes are hard to beat, and she has been offering catering services since 1993. The food has excellent reviews as does the overall catering experience. The borscht is highly ranked as the best item on the menu. Others will tell you though they can’t decide on just one item that they would pick over the others, they are all that good!

This provider has several vegan options too, and they are a huge hit! This includes vegan cabbage rolls and vegan perogies. Check out for a full menu of items and to schedule a time to talk about catering services.

Naleway Catering

Since 1942, Naleway Catering in Winnipeg has been making food from scratch. It is authentic Ukrainian food at its finest! The recipes have been passed down through the generations, and a variety of choices are available. You can select entrees, sides, and house favourites. One of the unique choices people rave about is the blueberry perogies.

This catering service offers gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. Check out to see all the delicious choices of entrees and more that they offer.