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    How far should you Book your Catering?

    With a catered event, you can relax, knowing someone else is taking care of the food preparations and serving for you. It can be a wonderful experience, but don’t put it off until the last minute. Many catering services are booked months in advance. Around the holidays you will find it is difficult to secure a spot on any of the calendars if you don’t talk to them at least three months in advance. Since most weddings take place on a Saturday, that is also a busy time for catering businesses. As a general rule of thumb, as soon as you know the date of your event and how many…

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    Tips for Selecting the Perfect Catering Provider in Winnipeg

    Hiring a catering service in Winnipeg can save you time and reduce stress. You have enough on your plate with your special event. Trying to make the food for everyone can be overwhelming. When you hire a catering service, they can take care of it all for you. They will provide the menu you select. The food can be served at a set time and location you choose. Another option is the food is delivered and then served buffet style by your guests. There are so many choices when it comes to catering companies in Winnipeg, but don’t get overwhelmed. Here are some great tips to help you evaluate options,…

  • Ukranian Food

    Ukrainian Food Catering Winnipeg

    The largest population of Ukrainian people in Canada live in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Many immigrants came to this area during the onset of World War II around 1891. Many of them were skilled as farmers and labourers, and they came to this area for safety and a better life. They brought with them traditions and food from their native homeland. Today, the Ukrainian population is found throughout Winnipeg, offering a wide range of services and businesses. Among them are the food catering businesses, creating authentic recipes, and making food from scratch. They have continued to share those recipes within their families for generations. It is a symbol of pride…

  • filipinio food

    Filipino Food Catering Winnipeg

    Many Filipino immigrants came to Winnipeg in the 1960s. Many of them were nurses or technicians, encouraged to come to the area to fill a demand for such jobs. Others came to work in the garment factories that were thriving. By the 1970s clerical work and manufacturing jobs were bringing more of them to this region. Most made permanent homes around Canada, with a significant number of them staying in Winnipeg. They felt like they were part of the community and they were making a great living. They enjoyed thriving in this community and the diversity offered to them. They didn’t have to leave their history behind; they could embrace…

  • the store next door

    The Store Next Door

    Hosting an event or a dinner party doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The plans take time and there are plenty of details that need your attention. Outsourcing some of it means you can eagerly anticipate the event without all the stress. You can sit down and enjoy the dinner too with your guests worry free when you hire someone for food catering. The Store Next Door is a delightful provider of great tasting food! You may think all catering services offer fancy meals that are too expensive for your budget. This catering service is amazing, and offers food that tastes like homemade items you would create in your own kitchen!…

  • budget catering

    It is Possible to have an Event Catered with Amazing Food without Breaking the Bank

    The thought of having an event catered in Winnipeg may appeal to you, but then you worry about the cost! It is nice to put the meal into the hands of an expert. You don’t have to worry about preparing it, buying the ingredients, or any of the things that could go wrong. They will work with you to ensure you get amazing food for a price you can afford. It may surprise you to discover many catering services are reasonably priced. Evaluate Options Early Once you know the date for your event, look at options early. Read reviews from other clients to confirm the catering service is reliable. Avoid…

  • chinese catering

    Chinese Food Catering Winnipeg

    Authentic Chinese food is one of the perks you will find around Winnipeg. Both those that live there and visitors to the area love what they find in this category! This isn’t your typical Chinese food though; everything is made from scratch with recipes that have been in these families for generations. They brought their love of the food with them when they immigrated to Winnipeg from China. The prairies were home to the Chinese around 1855 thanks to the introduction of the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railroad). Since that time, they have become a part of the diversity in this part of Canada. While Vancouver has the most Chinese people…

  • corporate catering

    Catering for Corporate Events: Your Clients will Love the Wonderful Food!

    A good impression is important for any corporation to establish. Taking care of your clients is a great way to show them how much they mean to the business and that they are appreciated. Catering corporate events gives them wonderful food and a chance to be involved with the business in a new way. It helps them continue to be passionate about your business and moves that relationship forward. Corporate events can be large affairs, which is another reason catering is a great idea. You don’t want anyone leaving because they are hungry! This is convenient for those that traveled to attend the event too. They may not have easy…